The management function required by Electricity networks is a complex and demanding task considering the impact of any fault may have in the service offered to the end user.

Centro de control

In order to provide an effective management process, it is necessary that not only faults are detected timely but also that certain actions can be executed remotely saving time and money in the resolution of the problem, offering the end user with an improved service.

Required functions are very diverse and they vary from being able to act remotely over the installation at the customer’s premises (for example, enhancing the contracted power), to being able to access certain types of information in power stations (such as security video signal or plant alarms).

All these different sources of information will be managed by different departments within the company and at times by external companies, and depending upon the type of information, the level of security required by each source may also be different.

From all these considerations there is a requirement arising for a communication device that no only gathers and transmits information but that is also able to manage different sources as independent and secure channels.


To remote measure energy levels

in management centres quickly and efficiently.

To enable communications channels

that are independent and secure allowing the management of the different aspects of the installation.

To enable a network

with the right level of security and robustness.

To simplify

installation and configuration processes.


In order to transfer all that information in a secure and independent manner and with the right level of reliability, robustness and durability in these industrial environments where these elements are located, Routex 4s enables data acquisition via up to 4 Ethernet interfaces each of which can integrate a number of independent VLAN channels. It can also retrieve data via its RS232/485 serial port. Thus, being able to gather information such as:

  • Hub of electric meters located in the customers’ premises, via Ethernet connection (VLAN1)
  • A meter or a number of meters located in the electric plant via RS232/485 serial interface
  • A CCTV camera, via Ehternet connection (VLAN2)

All this information is sent upstream using the cellular network (GPRS/3G/HSPA). In order to ensure security and independency among the different channels, Routex 4s frames each of them into independent GRE tunnels using IPSec as encryption protocol. Each of these independent channels can be routed to the different departments within the same company or even to other companies that are contracted to manage certain aspects of the installation.

In addition and in order to provide communications redundancy, Routex 4s provides dual SIM optional and dual radio transceiver as optional product features. These options protect the communication channel from radio transceiver failures as well as carrier service failure.






This devices enables:

  • Different IP ranges for each local network service, stopping interaction between services.
  • Encrypted and tunnelled data that guarantees data confidentiality
  • Autonomous device with batteries, protecting data communication from any power failure.
  • Simple Advance configuration using simple text files or SNMP, reducing complexity when multiple configurations are required.
  • Diversity on the radio modules, with the ability to adapt to new requirements.


For technical information about the Routex 4s device – click HERE