What are the levels of Electro Magenetic Radiation in your town?


It is now possible to control the radiation levels around you, which is a key aspect for community safety

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As cellular communications become more popular, people are subject to high levels of radiation such as those generated by TV or Telecommunications operators aerials.

International bodies sucha s ICNIRP (International Commission on Non- ionizing Radiation Protection) are focussing great efforts on investigating radiation impact on the populations as well as defining the thresholds for citizen safety.

The Real Decreto 1066/2001 establishes the legal limits for these radiations in Spain.

Once these thresholds are defined, there is a requirement to deploy a network of probes able to measure radiation in a broad frequency range.

Noxium’s innovative team have designed and developed a pioneer probe for measuring electromagnetic radiation in a wide frequency range between 100KHz and 3GHz.

This element registers these measurements and sends them to a monitoring and control centre where radiation levels can be viewed in real time and historical levels can be plotted. This centre also reports on alarms triggered when the regulation thresholds are reached.



EMRed Project (Junta de Andalucía)

The Junta de Andalucía (Andalucia’s regional government) believed in Noxium for the deployment of this Electromagnetic Radiation monitoring service.



More than 45 probes were deployed in different Andalucian towns between 2011 and 2013.


One of the selection criteria for these towns was that there had been an instance of social ‘alarm’ in regards of radiation levels

Service Operation

Noxium’s operations team, via the control centre, is responsible for monitoring the radiation levels in these probes and also for the activation of the relevant procedures upon alarm.



For Technical information about the ERMES device – click HERE