There are currently new regulations that force the electricity companies to provide energy consumption information in nearly real time.


There is a new requirement to provide real time connectivity over TCP/IP between energy meters and the remote management centre. Utility businesses have had to invest on a wide communications network that utilizes different communications technologies in order to retrieve this information in real time.

Axom T3 provides a robust and low cost solution to this challenge. This device allows the remote metering of this type of meter as often as required, without incurring in extra cost by using cellular communications over GPRS data connections. All measurements as well as the device management are performed over a secure internet connection (Virtual Private Network – VPN)

In addition, this device has a track record for reliability and robustnes in very harsh environmental conditions.


To gain access

to energy measurements, in management centres, in an efficient and fast manner.

To take advantage

 of a stable and robust communications network.

To simplify

installation and configuration processes.


In order to fulfill these remote metering systems requirements in terms of reliability, robustness and durability, the AxomT3 is a compact module that incorporates all those features as part of their core design.

Communications through the serial port are continuously monitored. Metering devices are generally connected through this interface, and this device is able to frame the standard serial communications protocol (usually IEC-870-101). This way we can guarantee that TCP/IP communications are enabled as if they were local links.

Just by installing a modem next to the meter or group of meters if counters are read using a RS-485 bus, these new regulatory requirements are fulfilled, providing the utility company access to this information as if it were a local IP connected device, in real time.

The control centre has a direct link with the meters from the moment when the modem is installed. From that point, the control centre can plot different measurement graphs and sensitive parameters, as often as required.






Endesa has trusted Noxium to provide these key elements in their remote-metering infrastructure architecture. Our modems have been thoroughly field tested and Noxium is one of the main communication devices provider for Endesa, with thousands of them installed across Spain.


For technical information about the Axom T3 device – click HERE