Noxium is a Technology driven business focused on the development of innovative solutions for remote metering and control mainly in the industrial, energy and environment sectors.

Noxium was born on 2002 and during all this time, our main focus has been to provide our customers with robust, flexible and reliable services. From the begining Noxium has based its solutions on innovative ways of resolving our customer’s issues.

Our products focus on wireless communications solutions that are reliable even in the harshest environments. This range of products is complemented with a set of unique smart sensors in the Industrial and environment sectors.

Our commitment with our customers is demonstrated through our implication with their improvement processes with innovative technical solutions.


Our value proposition is based in four main pillars


  • Developing products and solutions that help the efficient and secure management of our customers’ key processes.
  • Demonstrating our expertise in the development of system architectures and value added applications design for each of the sectors in which we operate.


  • Our products constitute the basis of the technology our customers require for their solutions.
  • This Technology allows our customers to make timely decisions for critical processes.


  • We add value through the generation of knowledge and innovation.
  • All this knowledge and experience is put at our customer’s service.


  • We innovate as a key differentiating factor
  • Compromise between R+D and technological development