At Noxium, we understand that innovation is an attitude and that it is key in our business strategy. Thus committing to research, development and innovation (R&D&I) as our main asset for sustainable growth and wealth creation.

At Noxium, we truly believe that this innovative attitude, together with active listening of market and economy trends will provide us with competitive advantage and will contribute to our sustainability.

Thus our R&D&I policy is based on the following principles:

  • Knowledge development in the markets, economy and society. This knowledge will help identifying new needs and therefore new solutions opening up new markets for Noxium.
  • Commitment to R&D&I activities as differentiating factor key in the sectors in which we operate.
  • Grant management though innovation projects that help us de-risk our developments and protect our results
  • Create alliances and synergies that add value.


Noxium has created alliances with the following partners