This device performs continous measurements of the level of electromagnetic radiation in a given location. These measurements are sent wirelessly to a control system which present all this information in an easy to understand manner that is also accessible to the local population.

These devices located in the different critical points conform an open and scalable network of remote probes that provide a radiation map. This information can also be plotted over a period of time, and always with the legal limits presented in the graphs. (Real Decreto 1066/2001, de 28 de Septiembre)

This device can be used in the following applications:

    • According to the ICNIRP recommendation, they help demonstrating compliancy with Real Decreto 1066/2001
    • Provide the population real data about the radio electric emissions.
    • Measure and control the radiation level produced by Cellular base stations
    • To Evaluate risks and react accordingly, anticipating potential future issues.
    • To provide the population with  information and therefore confidence
    • To look after the environment
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The system can take an unlimmitted number of Radiation Monitoring Remote Units (RU). Each of these RU contains a measuring proble that takes radiation measurements using an Electric field isotropic wide band proble. These units are powered by solar pannels with battery support.

These RUs are to be located in critical radiation points. They measure and register levels of radio-electric emission in real time. These measurement are taken and registered 24x7x365

The control centre is built using an External data display system (EDS). This system includes a graphical interface with local maps where the probes (RU) can be located and the level of radiation is displayed. This system also allows the generation of reports.

The interface between the different RUs and the Data Display System (EDS) is  performed by the Control and Monitoring Centre (CMC), which receives and stores measurement data and alarms generated by the RUs. The CMC also incorporates technical supervision and maintenance functions for the RUs management and system administration.

RU Management Pannel

  • Enable, Localize, disable, hibernate, etc
  • Measurement parameter configuration: Alarm thresholds, temperature limits, data transmission frequency, etc.

Alarm Management Pannel

  • Power, measurement and functionality failure alarms
  • Alarm historical data, admin status

Data Visualization Pannel

  • Periodic values, minimum, maximum and average field values.
  • Field levels, battery levels, Temperature levels.

Mechanical Features

  • Dimensions (HxWxL) 42 x 32 x 18 cm
  • Weight:
 5,290 Kg
  • Protection 
IP-67 / IK-07
  • Casing: 
Strengthened polyester, maritime stainless steel base

Wide Band Field Isotropic Probe

  • Measuring Frequency Range: 100 KHz – 3 GHz
  • Measurement range:
 0,3 – 170 V/m
  • Resolution:
 0,01 V/m
  • Axial Isotropy: ± 1 dB
  • Temperature Range:
 -10oC – 60oC
  • Response in frequency @ 10 V/m: ± 1,5 dB (1 MHz to 3 GHz)
  • Linerity @ 900 MHz:
 < ± 0,5 dB (0,3 to 170 V/m)
  • Calibration Period: 24 months (recommended)

Measurement Features

  • Communications: GSM/GPRS modem, RS232 serial port, integrated GPS
  • Acquisition: V/m according to RD1066/2001
  • Power Autonomy: Solar power, 1 week autonomy
  • Maintenance: FTP remote FW updates
  • Ultra-low consumption: LI-ON battery 5,6 Ah
  • Thresholds: 2 programable alarm thresholds.
  • Self-diagnosis:
    • Status and measurement remote alarm notification
    • High level of measurement
    • Intrusion
    • Reception Aerial Failure
    • Power supply failure
    • Low battery
    • Out of range Temperature
    • GPS transceiver failure


  • EN301 511 V9.0.2 “Harmonized standard for mobile stations in the GSM 900 and DCS 1800 bands (GSM)”
  • EN60950 “Safety of Information Technology Equipment”
  • EN61000-6-5 “Generic standards – Immunity for power station and substation environments”
  • EN301 489-1 V1.4.1 “ElectroMagnetic Compatibility standard for radio equipment and services”