This digital full 360 range absolute inclinometer provides tilt measurements with accuracy lower than ±0,1º in the full 360 range.

This device can be used in the following applications:

  • Industrial Structure positioning in the renewable eneregy sector.
  • Preventive maintenance of telco infrastructures.
  • Stability control for heavy machinery, tractors or trailers.
  • Control de estabilidad en maquinarias pesadas, tractores o remolques.
  • Hydraulic mechanisms control.
  • Turbine and engine vibration studies.
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  • It incorporates offset algorithms that compensate the measurement variation due to temperature changes, achieving an accuracy better than ±0,1º in the full 360 range (0º to 70ºC).
  • This device uses advanced digital technology that measures accelleration over a plane with ±1g accuracy
  • This device is sealed (IP68), ready to be used in harsh environments.
  • This device works with an extended 5 to 36Vdc and its consumption has been optimised to 250mW.
  • Asynchronous communications protocol over RS232 interface that allows full access to the unit.


  • Configurable communications speed (4800-115200Bd)
  • Somoothing filter 100ms to 5seg
  • Adjustable offset angle
  • Selectable angle (0-360º)(±180º) over an axis
  • Accuracy of ±0,10º with ±0,05 uncertainty
  • IP68 ready
  • Temperature compensation 0-70ºC
  • Up to 30Hz sampling frequency
  • CE and FCC, EMC certified
  • Extended supply voltage range with low power consumption

Mechanical Features

  • Dimensions (HxWxL): 80x41x14mm
  • Weight:
 40 gr
  • Insulation: IP-68 / IK-07
  • Finishing: Policar. 20% fibre
  • Cable: 4X24AWG
  • Cable cover: PUR with 65% meshing

Electrical Features

  • Voltage range:
 5 – 36 Vdc
  • Consumption: 240mW
  • Working Temperature range: 

-10 to +70 oC
  • Storage Temperature range: 
-40 to +125 oC
  • Communications:
 RS232 with standby
  • Communications speed: 9600 to 115200 Bauds
  • RS232 max cable length: 


  • Angular measurement range: 0-360o
  • Measurement range:
  • Accuracy: 
±0,1o (0 to 70oC)
  • Sampling speed: 30Hz
  • Maximum uncertainty: ±0,05o to 25oC without filtering
  • Digital processing: Smoothing filter


  • EN60950 “Safety of Information Technology Equipment”
  • EN61000-6-5 “Generic standards – Immunity for power station and substation environments”
  • EN301 489-1 V1.4.1 “ElectroMagnetic Compatibility standard for radio equipment and services”