Noxium designs, manufactures and commercialises communication products for industrial applications that require connectivity in real time.”

We are committed to enabling highly available and reliable communications whilst keeping costs down. We believe this is key for our customers to be able to provide high performance services.”

“We have been operating for more than 12 years, developing innovative solutions, adapting our products to our customer’s needs and demonstrating very high standards of equipment performance and service support.”

Noxium, ALWAYS ON!!

We are experts on :

Technology innovation

We work very closely with

our customers to understand their needs and be able to develop solutions that improve the efficiency of their key processes

Telecommunications products

Remote metering and remote control

equipment to provide wireless connetivity to a wide range of industrial applications in a secure and reliable way.

Intelligent sensors

Products and solutions to

improve different aspects of environmental sustainability as well as citizen safety

Our products

Wireless communications


Remote Meters and Sensors


Some of our Customers