Emergency control in elevators


When a manufacturer designs and builds an elevator, its work does not end there. The installation and operation of these elevators are entrusted to specialized companies, and maintenance is a key part of ensuring proper performance. In many countries and cities, policies state that if someone is trapped in an elevator, the maintenance company has one hour to resolve the situation and free the people. It is therefore essential that the maintenance service is available 24 hours a day.

Reliability, safety and remote control and monitoring of the entire system are key aspects. The system encompasses not only the elevator itself, but also vital components such as the emergency telephone, smoke detectors, IP cameras and control screens. Internet connectivity plays a critical role in ensuring smooth and secure communication between all these elements. To this end, we have the AXOM CP cellular modem as a gateway between the control center and the entire system, providing reliable and secure connectivity to keep the elevator fully operational.


The main components of the entire solution: the emergency telephone, control screens, smoke detection systems and IP cameras are used to ensure that, in the event of any inconvenience, the elevator operator can resolve it promptly. Maintenance companies invest in safety and reliability systems to optimize their operations and reduce the potential need for physical maintenance at all locations. Since the entire solution is subject to a potential risk of failure, stable and secure Internet connectivity is essential.

Connecting the sensors to our AXOM CP industrial cellular modem with 4G LTE ensures a reliable connection with failover function thanks to the two SIM card slots. It has two gigabit Ethernet interfaces, sufficient to connect all components of the solution. Designed with a wide variety of security services, including multiple VPN, firewall, DDOS attack prevention functions, among others.

AXOM CP Modem Industrial marca Noxium



Easy to use and install, allowing control with unique accuracy.

Low energy consumption, which is necessary for this type of facilities.

UltraCompact and robust in harsh environments.
Temperatures: -20º C to 85º C

Diagram of Use

Caso de uso de telecontrol y telemedida de mantenimiento de ascensores


AXOM P Modem Industrial marca Noxium


4G LTE / 3G / 2G
2 x SIM
RS232 and RS485 full/half duplex 2/4 wires
AXOM CP Modem Industrial marca Noxium


4G LTE / 3G / 2G
2 x SIM
1-2 x Ethernet
RS232 and RS485 full/half duplex

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