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Wireless Communications Gateway for Flow and Flow Meters with Pulse Interface allowing the capture and regular recording of data from Water or Gas meters arranged with pulse outputs, for subsequent periodic transmission through low latency wireless networks "LPWA".

4G LTE (Cat M1 / NB-IoT)
Fallback 2G *according to version

FOTA firmware remote configuration and update

Small size watertight plastic enclosure
Optional M12 connection accessory.

Front NFC chipset for
configuration parameters and operating statistics

1 x Sim Card 1.8/3v integrated

160x90x62 mm

Interfaz Local con capacidad de dos contadores, y dos entradas auxiliares.

Intelligent self-management mechanisms.
Noise filtering and alarm signal processing.

450 grs (version 2C3)

Communications through secure channels.
Data encryption and securization.

Ergonomic and easy to install. Mounting with wall or mast fastening.

IP 67 / IK09

Powered by internal batteries. Ultra low power consumption

High local registration capacity. Versatility of configurations

Working temperature -40º to 85º C


4G LTE-Cat1 / NB-IoT – data rate (Kbps): 32 (DL), 70 (UL)

4G LTE-Cat1 – data rate (Mbps): 1 (DL), 1 (UL)

2G EDGE – data rate (Kbps): 296 (DL), 236.8 (UL)

2G GPRS – data rate (Kbps): 107 (DL), 85.6 (UL)

Regions - Europe, Latin America, North America and Global


Max. power in WAN transmission - 23 dBm

Annual energy consumption* - from 8000 mAh/year

*Depending on the type of battery, consult datasheet


Enclosure - Polycarbonate V0 with 4-point wall attachment

Dimensions - 160 x 90 x 62 mm

Weight - 450 grams

*Maximum weight depending on the battery pack.

Working temperature – -40º a 85ºC

Storage Temperature - -40º to 105ºC

Humidity - 100% RH

Degree of Protection - IP 67 / IK09

Optional: External connector - 1 meter of M12 or RJ11 patch cord with cable gland


eSIM support - Integrated, enabling the change of communications operator remotely as specified in GSMA SGP .02 v3.2

Pulse Interfaces - Up to two digital pulse inputs with signal processing capability up to 100 Hz with programmable filtering and noise filtering. Totalizers are synchronized at the time of installation.

Interfaces for Digital - Up to two digital inputs with programmable alarm capability per event or edge. Typical use cases are: Connection error, Direction of flow, Lack of flow, etc.. The functionalities are configured with factory parameterization.

Mod-Bus Local Bus Option* - The CNT RMU can collect measurements from specific meters or sensors via a dedicated RS485 Half-duplex bus. In these cases the programming must be in specific versions.

*Internally, the device has connection terminals to adapt its use to specific connections, usually with M12 or RJ11 connectors.

Internal RTC clock - Real-time clock for planning readings

Configuration of time slots - Up to 8 configurable reading slots by hours and periods starting at 5 minutes.

Logging Capacity - It has an internal memory with the capacity to temporarily record more than 60,000 single readings, with behavior according to LIFO/FIFO strategy.


Socrates Platform. Web interface created by Noxium to manage IoT devices.

FOTA Update, Network Monitoring, Device Management and Data Services.


Standard – UNE 82326:2010

Security – IEC 62368-1 / EN 62368-1

EMC Requirements - ETSI EN 301 489-1 V2.2.0 (2017-03) & ETSI EN 301 489-52 V1.1.0 (2016-11)

Environmental - IEC 6800xx Cold, Heat and Variations (-40 to 85ºC)*.

* see degradations due to use in extreme ranges


Download Datasheet(Spanish)

Download Datasheet (English)


Use of Cases

Product Catalog 2023

ORDER CODE: RMU P CNT– aa – bb – xx

aaWireless connectivity
NBNB2 multiband
NBxxNB2 band xx
Q3NB/4G CatM/fallback 2G
bbBattery Pack Capacity
1C36 years
2C312 years
*Calculation parameters for 10 counters, 24 registers and one daily dispatch.
LMM12 cable
LRRJ11 cable
By default free patch cord

Example Product Code to order: RMU P CNT NB 1C3 LM

Description code
Industrial Gateway Pulse Collector Model
Pulse counter gateway, with NB-IoT multiband communications, battery power supply with autonomy of 12 years. IP67 Polycarbonate plastic enclosure with inlet gland.
Price and delivery times for region (operator) specific versions may vary. For more information, please contact us.
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Gateway Wireless Narrow Band IoT marca Noxium


Interface UNE82326
4G LTE Cat1 / NB IoT
IP 67 / IK09
Gateway Wireless Narrow Band IoT marca Noxium


Wireless MBus
4G LTE Cat1 / NB IoT
IP 67 / IK09
Gateway IoT en envolvente plástica ultracompacta marca Noxium


Interface UNE82326
4G LTE Cat1 / NB IoT
IP 67 / IK09
Gateway Narrow Band IoT marca Noxium


Interface UNE82326
4G LTE Cat1 / NB IoT
IP 67 / IK09

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