Security camera system for vending


The security of vending establishments has long been a concern for owners. While there are many options available, selecting the right one can be problematic. Hiring guards to watch the place 24 hours a day is costly and inefficient. In addition, this does not guarantee that theft or vandalism can be prevented. On the other hand, setting up and managing complex CCTV camera systems can be expensive and difficult to manage without the necessary expertise. To understand and choose the best security option, you need experience and an understanding of how the minds of thieves work. Therefore, to avoid unforeseen problems and ensure the security of the vending business, it is advisable to rely on security specialists to handle the entire structure of the security camera solution. This allows monitoring several areas at the same time and recording what happened for later review. In this way, the security of the vending business can be ensured without incurring excessive costs or inconvenience.


To address these issues, a telecontrol and telemetry system can be implemented for electric vehicle charging stations. Noxium's RAXOM CP would allow station operators to monitor station status in real time, including charging availability, power consumption, connector status, and other important data. The data collected could also be used to plan preventive maintenance and schedule loads efficiently, allowing for greater efficiency and reducing station downtime.

In addition, the telecontrol and telemetry system could also help improve the user experience by alerting station operators to any problems with the station, such as connection problems or charging system failures. This would enable faster and more efficient repair, which in turn would reduce station downtime and increase user satisfaction.

In summary, the implementation of a telecontrol and telemetry system for electric vehicle charging stations can address the issues of remote monitoring and control of station status, allowing for greater efficiency and availability of the charging infrastructure.

RAXOM CP Router Celular Industrial marca Noxium



Easy to use and install, allowing control with unique accuracy.

Low energy consumption, necessary for this type of installations with low consumption requirements.

UltraCompact and robust in harsh environments.
Temperatures: -20º C to 85º C

Diagram of Use

Caso de uso de camaras de seguridad en negocios de vending


ROUTEX P Router modem gateway marca Noxium


4G LTE / 3G / 2G
1 x USB
1-6 x Ethernets
RAXOM CP Router Celular Industrial marca Noxium


4G LTE / 3G / 2G
1 x Ethernet

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