Remote control and monitoring of Windmills


Wind energy is one of the most prominent green energies on the market.
Wind farms are located in remote locations, far from civilization, in mountains or near the sea. These locations are key to good windmill performance, but they also involve a great deal of installation complexity.
Companies install control stations near the mills to monitor, program and report on the mills. Without this system, the mills would not function properly, as they require control and programming. In order for the controllers to function properly they must be connected to a system for monitoring, reporting power generated, parameter control, and maintenance needs.
The biggest problem lies in obtaining a secure and reliable connection to the Internet from such remote environments.


In the diagram shown you can see the solution to our problem: a windmill generates energy that is transmitted to an electrical network. In turn, the windmill control station transmits the data to a ROUTEX CP, a compact but powerful 4G LTE Serial Modem, which will allow us to monitor and manage from the control center, in a reliable and secure way. ROUTEX CP is not only a perfect choice for this type of industrial environment, but also has an interface with different connections by rs232 serial, RS485 bus or Ethernet network.
You will work with a secure connection with monitoring of the links with tunneling protocols, authentication and encryption. Another benefit of monitoring with ROUTEX CP is that it allows us to receive reports by SMS or call.

ROUTEX P Router modem gateway marca Noxium



Easy to use and install, allowing remote control and configuration of an unlimited number of ROUTEX CP to the mill system.

Low energy consumption, which is necessary for this type of power generation facilities.
Small in size, compact and robust in harsh environments.

Temperatures: -20º C to 85º C

Diagram of Use

Caso de uso de telecontrol y telemedida de mantenimiento en molinos de viento


ROUTEX P Router modem gateway marca Noxium


4G LTE / 3G / 2G
1 x USB
1-6 x Ethernets
RAXOM CP Router Celular Industrial marca Noxium


4G LTE / 3G / 2G
1 x Ethernet

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