About Us

Noxium is a technology-based company focused on the development of innovative solutions for remote monitoring and control in the industrial, energy and environmental sectors.

Noxium was born in 2002, and since then has provided its customers with robust, flexible and reliable services, which has resulted in customer loyalty. Since its inception, Noxium has used innovation and strong customer engagement to successfully respond to the needs of a very demanding market.

Our products are oriented towards wireless communication solutions proven in harsh environments that have been used in the sectors in which we operate. This product range is complemented by other unique sensors in the industrial and environmental areas.

Our commitment to our customers is to accompany them in their continuous improvement process by providing services from Technology Consulting, through the development of customized solutions to the support and training of personnel in these solutions for improvement.

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Corporate Presentation

Our value proposition: 4 fundamental pillars


Development of products and solutions that help to efficiently and safely manage our customers' operational processes.
Demonstrated competence to develop advanced system architectures and applications with high added value, specifically designed and developed for each sector.


Our products provide technologies that are the basis of the different solutions we offer.
We provide technologies that help our clients make business decisions through timely information.


Wealth creation through the generation of knowledge and innovation.
We value all our accumulated knowledge and experience to position ourselves objectively before our client.


Innovation as a key differentiating factor.
Essential attitude of our business strategy.
Commitment between R&D and technological development.

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