Noxium's value proposition

Having values is fundamental

Field variables at decision time

Although it can be summed up in one sentence, at Noxium we have been (and continue to be) working on this objective since the beginning, in 2002. This value proposition is broken down into a series of fundamental aspects that we have to incorporate in all our designs.

Most of our customers manage services in critical sectors. Large utilities such as Enel or Iberdrola need to manage infrastructures that are generally complex and distributed over a very large territory. Each piece of equipment must be adapted to the specific needs of each customer. In addition, information on the status of these infrastructures is critical for proper service management. A failure in the availability of this information is very costly both in terms of management errors and in the correction of the problem.

Therefore, in addition to the customization of the equipment for each customer, the fundamental need of all these devices is their high availability, and the capacity of the self-diagnostic devices in order to guarantee the functionality for which they have been installed.

These potential problems are already known, and therefore we already have answers to them. But there are always other potential problems that we do not yet know about. Time is giving us more clues, and we are continuously including solutions for them. But it is a road that never ends, and that is why experience or know-how is so important in these critical sectors.

This feature, which we have summarized with the two words "high availability", is a very complex aspect. It requires a broad knowledge of all the problems that a device may encounter in the field, from issues related to the hostile environment in which these devices normally live, through possible attempts to violate the security of the installation, software capabilities of the chips used and ending with the sustainability of the different components of the installed devices.

If I have to put in black and white what our value proposition to our customers is, I would choose this one:

Noxium provides its clients with the necessary data at the right time so that they can optimally manage their services.

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