The Maturing Process of Our Communications Products

Adapting to the environment as it evolves

Fundamental aspects as an equipment supplier

Entering as a supplier of industrial communication equipment for Servicios is not an easy task. As it could not be otherwise, the technical staff of the Services knows well the environment in which the communication devices have to operate and therefore the process to install them in the field is arduous and long-lasting.

To begin with, a manufacturer such as Noxium will have to demonstrate that its equipment is up to standard, meeting exhaustive technical specifications. This testing and homologation process is carried out through approved laboratories, and entails a significant cost for the manufacturer.

The duration of this first step is highly variable and will depend on the maturity of the technology incorporated in the products and the knowledge of the tests to which the equipment is subjected.

Once this process is passed, the manufacturer is normally invited to participate in a bidding process. Although sometimes these two steps are messed up if the manufacturer is known to the Service. Sometimes these tenders are for a limited number of devices for the purpose of field testing. In other words, we always go through this step of "field testing" of the devices before participating in a substantial way in the deployment of projects.

During this "start-up" period and depending on the manufacturer's know-how, critical equipment problems may emerge that the manufacturer will have to respond to. At Noxium we apply all our experience to each new device, introducing improvements that are not in the customer's specification for the resolution of problems in the field that we already know. Therefore, for us this phase is usually a differential factor.

At this point, which may be months after starting the development of a new product, there has not yet been a positive ROI on the product development effort. And there may be further delay in issuing a new tender to begin to justify that investment. Entering this market requires a significant lung in addition to all the technological expertise.

We apply all our experience to each new device, introducing improvements that are not in the customer's specification..

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